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5 Types of Friends Everyone Needs

How genuine friendships can bring you joy and accountability.

Hello Friends! This morning I was thinking about my younger years. When I was in my 20's I was a party queen. I LOVED being social and to be honest I still do. Joining the military gave me a sense of independence that I've always craved. At that time it was all about making memories and having fun. Now, 20 years later my priorities have evolved and so has my company. I think we've all heard that not everyone can come with you on the next chapter of your life, right? The truth is can we make the tough decisions when it's time to shed some dead weight? When I became ill I looked around and many of the people that I thought were going to be there were no where to be found. I paid attention to who was helping me shower and who was caring for my kids when I couldn't. It was a humbling experience to say the least and I harbored much resentment for well over a year as a result. My healing began with realizing that many people in my life were 'takers' and not 'givers'! Coming to grasp with that fact was difficult. Facing the realization that I am not a priority to someone I love "was" hard. Who shows up and shows out for you in good times and bad times? "Our job is not to tell people how to love, it's to watch them love and decide if we want to participate" If you can relate to that it may be time to reposition some people in your life. Never forget that love shows up in many shapes and forms throughout life. We are all authors of our unique stories and each chapter represents a different life phase or stage. Anyways, prioritizing your desires means that you're able to serve others MORE. "A good life guard always knows when to let go!" The life guard analogy works well for me because at some point even a life guard has to decide when to release someone into the water if they will cause them to drown as well. Do you have anyone in your life that's slowing your momentum? Who is pulling you into the deep waters to drown? The people we surround ourselves with play a vital role in shaping our narrative. It's essential to ensure that your circle reflects the chapter you're currently in. 5 types of friends everyone needs 1. **Chapter Companions**: Evaluate your relationships and determine if they align with your current aspirations and values. Are they supportive, encouraging, and inspiring? Surround yourself with individuals who empower your journey. 2. **Upward Trajectory**: If you're striving for personal or professional growth, seek out mentors and peers who are ahead of you in the story, offering wisdom and guidance. 3. **Letting Go**: It's okay to outgrow certain relationships that no longer serve your narrative. Sometimes, chapters close, and it's vital to make room for the new characters who will help you evolve. 4. **Diverse Perspectives**: Embrace diverse voices and viewpoints in your circle. It enriches your story, offering fresh perspectives and expanding your horizons. 5. **Supportive Cast**: Ensure your circle is composed of individuals who will be there in times of triumph and tribulation, providing a strong support system. Remember, you're the author of your story, and it's your prerogative to choose who joins you on YOUR journey. Craft your circle deliberately to ensure that it reflects the chapter you're in. Let your relationships enrich your narrative, making each chapter more vibrant and meaningful. Here's to seeding the ground your life story. With positivity and purpose, Zakia

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