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I’m a mom, storyteller, wife, breast cancer thriver and resident of Huntsville Alabama who’s spent the past two decades healing trauma, practicing authenticity, taking risks all while making life beautiful.

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Maybe my story is worth sharing.

I believe when life throws you rocks you build a mountain. Sharing personal stories can be important for a number of reasons and even though I shared stories of triumph for 2 years I didn't really understand the impact until I hit rock bottom. Our stories can help people to feel more connected to one another and to feel less alone, but so many of us keep them hidden inside.  Sharing allows others who are stuggeling to see that others have gone through similar experiences and have come out the other side. It can also be therapeutic which is why I'm here today.  I am not perfect but I give my all everyday.  My journey of healing my health and emotional wellbeing has helped me tremendously to process emotions and come to terms with difficult experiences. And if it inspires you in anyway and allows you to see that it's possible to overcome challenges and achieve your goals then you've helped me find purpose.


The stories I will share are indeed personal but I also believe it's important to build empathy and understanding, so we can gain a deeper understanding of what others are going through and to see things from their perspective.

"When you think of me I don't want you think about cancer I want you to think of a woman who's well in every aspect of her life." - Zakia


1985- I was born

1985- I was born in Harlem, NY. Lived with my biological Mom in Bronx, NY until 5th grade.

1996- Moved to Exmore, Va with my Dad and Bonus Mom.

2003- I joined the United States Air Force.

2007- I found my purpose... "Talking"

2009- I met my soulmate in Tampa, FL.

2012- Shaun and I got married, Feb 11 in Washington, DC surrounded by friends and family.

2014- Lauryn was born and my life change in such an amazing way.

2017- I traveled to Dubai with my family.

At the largest Mosque in Dubai.

2017- A dream come true. As a young girl l dreamed of being a model. Picture captured before I went on the runway for my first Davids Bridal show. Fun fact- I was pregnant with Eissa in this picture. :-)

2018- After 3 years of trying to get pregnant we we're surprised with Eissa. Eissa was conceived during our vacation to United Arab Emirates and we named him Eissa to pay homage to the beautiful country for blessing us with this gift.

2022- Received a diagnosis of breast cancer.

2019- I launched Bloom

2022- I had a bilateral Masectomy

2022- Doing treatment, Healing and Thriving at the same time

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